Being a Deaf Actress

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Transcript: Being a Deaf Actress is hard. It’s… We only get about four role opportunities a year and even when we get those opportunities we’re still fighting against, you know, actresses who can hear. And a lot of producers, directors, and casting agents still have this idea in their head that it’s easier to work with someone who can hear than someone who can’t. So, they’ll hire the hearing person to play a Deaf person. Now I have never actually seen a hearing person successfully play a Deaf person and it’s always like shockingly obvious to me that the person can hear. Now when I was growing up; a hard-of-hearing kid in Pomona, I didn’t have anyone in the media that I could look up to that could show me that, you know, there is not only one way to be DEAF. There is not only one way to communicate when you are DEAF. And so I didn’t feel like a related to anyone in media and there was no one to really show me that I can still be successful if my hearing continued to decline. And so that is why I do what I do.. To make sure that not a single… not one more hard-of-hearing kid grows up thinking there’s only one way to be DEAF, there’s only one way to be successful, or that their dreams out of reach just because their hearing loss, you know, affects them. And… so yeah, being a Deaf Actress is incredibly difficult. But I think it’s going to be worth it. Good night everyone!

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