What “Deaf” Means To Me

Hey everyone! So, I wanted to talk
about something I’ve been thinking a lot
about recently and that is the word
“DEAF.” Now I grew up in hearing culture. I
grew up with hearing family, hearing
friends, going to a mainstream school and I didn’t
have access to signing. I didn’t
have access to Deaf people and…So,
growing up for me that word “DEAF” scared me, because for me, before, that meant that
I was going to lose my hearing. That
meant that I was going to lose
access to oral communication. That meant I might lose my family and my friends.
That was scary for me. It was really
scary. And it wasn’t until after I became
physically deaf that I started
searching for people like me and I started
searching for a better way to
communicate. And I found that in Deaf
culture, in sign language, in the Deaf
community. Now that i am a proud Deaf
woman that word death means something so different to me. So, I wanted to share
with you what word “DEAF” means to me now.
Now the word “DEAF” means strength. It
means having the strength to accept
yourself for who you really are.
It also means support; having the support of the Deaf community. Having people around
me that understand what i go through
every single day,
all of my struggles. They understand me,
they really understand. It also means
communication, because now I have this
beautiful language that I can always
understand I don’t have have to struggle
with and I have access to communication
through new technology like VOIP
and oh
captioned phones. Different things that
help me communicate better.
It also, lastly, means intelligence. Why?
Because deaf people; we have to be able
to think creatively. We have to be able
to think outside the box so that we can
create new solutions to problems that we
have, that don’t depend on hearing, and
that takes intelligence. So, this is what
my new meaning of the word “DEAF” is.
What does “DEAF” mean to you?

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