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Hello, me
years finished now I wonder
you want meet, talk-with about past happened
Advice Time progress should heal,
But I still sad
Hello, you hear me Question
I in California imagine past you-I relationship
we young, free
Forget my feelings before relationship fell
Now we different
You-love me-love (far-away)

**you I call. Wait
Past call call call again, again
Try say sorry, my past mistakes
But happen I call, you home? Never
You (far) Hello,
(oh well) I really try
say sorry because your heart-break
But dont-matter you obviously seem fine now.
** now-on

Hello, How-are you?
I normally talk about self, sorry
I hope you fine
You get-out boring town,
you question?
Secret, not. You-I know
Time soon over.

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