It’s here! A list of YouTubers who are also Deaf that I know of at this time. Leave a comment if you know someone I didn’t mention, and say if they do captions or not!

Collab with Ren:


Abby Sams (American):

Abigail Gorman (British):

Alison Aubrecht (American):

Amanda McDonough (American):

Artie Mack (American):

ASLStew (American): and StewLife:

Blank Canvas Voyage (British and Portuguese):

Cheyenna Clearbrook (American):

Crom Saunders (American):

Dominic LuVisi (American):

Eric Epstein (American):

HisQueen (American):

ImImmy (British):

Jazzy (British):

Jessica Flores (American):

Jonna Delvert (Swedish):

Life&Deaf (British):

Made in Dhafer (French):

MélanieDeaf (French):

Miss Jessica Kellgren-Hayes (British):

Monsieur Lucas Wild (French):

Ren (American):

Rikki Poynter (American):

Seek the World (American):

Sex Education in ASL with Bethany Gehman (American):

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