Tricia Borman & Kimberly Williams conversation about voting

Conversation between two deafblind women in Minnesota using Tactile American Sign Language (ASL). This clip was filmed on Thursday, October 27th, at a voter education event with the deafblind community in Minnesota. Tricia is on the left and is wearing the light blue shirt. Kimberly is on the right and is wearing a dark blue shirt.

Tricia: No matter what, people should try and vote. It is important for everyone to come tonight and learn about that. It is important for everyone to know more information.

Kimberly: I agree. Also I’m happy that legislators support voters who are deafblind because access is important. For equality everyone must be able to vote. I think that everyone should know that SSPs are being provided for the vote and ride program, which is really nice and a blessing.

Tricia: Yes, I agree. Of course, now people need to think carefully about who they will vote for on that specific day, November 8th. It is coming soon.

Kimberly: November 8th is less than 10 days away, is that right?

Tricia: Wow! Yes.

Kimberly: We have to consider carefully. Whew it is a tough decision.

Tricia: There has been a lot of butting heads over the election.

Kimberly: Yes, that is true. The important thing to do is trust your instinct and vote in the direction you think is correct.

Tricia: You are right. It is tough but I think about what will happen going forward in America.

Kimberly: Agreed and the election happens every 4 years. The political climate will rise and fall with each cycle.

Tricia: So true.

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