Deaf History That — “Deaf Community Gatherings”

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To share news, stories, and updates — deaf people always gathered often, sometimes even traveled for hours just to meet in town. #deafhistoryTHAT #ASLstories

Video description and transcript:
Outside, a man sits in front of a wooden house. A small transparent NAD logo appears on bottom right.

LINSAY: I was just working a little while ago and I am resting now. I am looking forward to this Saturday as I have plans in town where I will join a gathering with other deaf people. These deaf gatherings always involves a meal and the usual festivities. Afterwards, there always will be performances, lectures, sermons, storytelling, and the sharing of news from other areas. This became a custom of ours where we learn of what has or is happening among various deaf communities. Our community always has the same customs which includes performances, lectures, storytelling and even poetry in sign language. I always enjoy such wonderful events and I look forward to the next one. Well, my break is over and I better get back to work!

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