Welcome back! We are doing our second LIVE Q & A!

starts at the 2:30 mark

02:53 When you ask a question, what does it mean when you have that wiggle sign? Like if you have one wiggle, or you have multiple wiggles?

05:25 Can we see through each others’ eyes? Like for example, I was wondering if Ryan would think that something was a little too loud? Or if Ellen would automatically think to put captions on the TV for Ryan?

07:32 Ryan, have you ever thought about getting a CI?

09:43 Ryan, What is your top favorite icecream?

10:34 Have you ever learned British Sign language?

11:00 What tasks have you found to be difficult while vlogging, and why?

start of live Q&A questions

13:02 Have you ever heard of Black ASL?

13:23 Have you been to Germany?

13:38 When was your first kiss?

14:50 Where is your favorite place to travel?

15:25 Who is your favorite Youtuber?

16:50 What is your favorite thing to do together?

18:04 What is your Netflix obsession?

19:00 Do you like snow?

19:29 What will you do when you hit 100,000 subscribers?

20:18 Ellen, Did you learn some ASL from school? Did you take classes?

20:50 Do you guys have any random traditions, or habits that you do together?

21:28 Where do you want to travel next?

22:12 How is your weekend, so far?

22:47 Do your friends make an effort to try to communicate with Ryan?

24:17 Do you have any advice for people that are losing their hearing?

25:53 Does Ryan have more deaf friends or hearing friends?

26:44 Who are you picking in the Super Bowl to win? The Patriots or Falcons?

27:20 If you got 100,000 subscribers, would you cry?

27:57 Do you have trouble finding things to do on dates? Finding places that are accessible for deaf people?

29:39 At the drive-thru, is it hard to order?

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