Deaf History That — “Employment”

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What was employment like back then for people who were deaf? #deafhistoryTHAT #ASLstories

VIDEO DESCRIPTION AND TRANSCRIPT: Linsay Darnall, Jr. stands in front of several wooden buildings. A small transparent NAD logo appears on bottom right.

LINSAY: Deaf people have always been employed in various fields of careers. Out of many examples, some deaf people would be asked to stay after graduating from school to teach deaf children. Other people would become carpenters, laborers, mechanics, and farmers. This is proof that deaf people have always had this sense of independence, to earn the fruits of their labor. For example, there was a deputy sheriff who was deaf. His responsibility included opening the doors of the courthouse and keeping an eye on the jail among other duties. Eventually, he moved to different state and got a job as a joiner and became involved in the local deaf community. Then later, he rose in the ranks to become president of that state association of the deaf. Again, this shows that deaf people can do anything in their chosen fields of professions!

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