Did You Show Up?

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We want your photo in our next NADmag issue! Civic resistance was key to the founding of the NAD in 1880, and our mission continues with preserving, protecting, and promoting our civil, human and linguistic rights. Now, we want to highlight intersectionality within our community whenever there is civic resistance in our next issue. Did you show up at a protest, event, or rally for Deaf Grassroots Movement, Standing Rock, Black Lives Matter, Pulse Shooting in Orlando, Women’s March, Muslim Ban, the Flint Water Crisis, or other important events? Send us your high resolution photo and it may be featured in the NADmag! Send to submit@nad.org by March 13th!

VIDEO DESC & TRANSCRIPT: Lizzie is standing inside the NAD Headquarters lobby. The NAD logo appears on bottom right corner as a watermark.

LIZZIE: Have you participated in a Deaf Grassroots Movement (DGM) march or rally? Or how about the Women’s March? Did you protest against the Flint Water Crisis? Have you shown solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement? What about Standing Rock, against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). Did you show up showing support for the Muslims or the Refugees? We’d like to know if you did participate in any of those events because the theme of the next NADmag is civic resistance. The NAD was established in 1880 to resist. Resistance means to show up and tell people this is not okay. We’d like to feature your photos in our next issue to highlight the intersectionalities within our community when responding with civic resistance. I look forward to your submissions! Thank you.

ON-SCREEN-GRAPHIC: EMAIL YOUR HIGH RESOLUTION PHOTO TO SUBMIT@NAD.ORG BY MARCH 13, 2017. Within a second, “SUBMIT@NAD.ORG” and “MARCH 13, 2017” is highlighted in yellow.

Video fades to a soft white background with several different font types showing “NAD” very quickly. Copyright video ends with the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) logo centered. Blue text below the logo appears, “A production of the National Association of the Deaf (copyright) 2017 All Rights Reserved”.

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