Message of Love

[Footage: Alison is a white woman with short brown hair, wearing a blue long sleeved shirt and signing against a grey backdrop. She is talking about depression]

Things Suck….
With what’s been happening with the current
political administration, all the changes
and how those changes impact many of us-
things. really. suck.
Maybe you’re like me, and have struggled with
depression and anxiety for a long time.
So you have felt, for a long time, that things suck.
Now it’s even worse.
I want to tell you- you are not alone in feeling that way.
Many of us feel that way, too.
If you’re at home, or alone somewhere else that is
not home…and you’re feeling lost, like things aren’t worth it,
Maybe you’re thinking about ending it all…
Please reach out to me. Or reach out to others you feel comfortable talking to.
We want you to contact us.
We want you to stick around with us. You are worthy.
Sending lots of love to all of you.
[ILY Handshape wave]

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