RESIST THROUGH OUR EYES: Our Rights and Freedom

We’re going to need a lot of supports from the communities to bring this project to fruition. We’re raising $40K for it.

The new film that I’m producing, “RESIST THROUGH OUR EYES: Our Rights & Freedom”, is about social issues, divided into eight (8) series which will follow and document Deaf and Hard of Hearing people’s personal experiences and concerns when their human and civil rights are violated, challenged and threatened in the current political climate of chaos, toxicity, propaganda, “alternative facts” and uncertainty that exist under a regime Administration.

We will meet and interview Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals whose Constitutional Rights have being threatened or violated by some of the executive orders signed by 45. This includes activists, advocators, educators, lawyers, interpreters, Human and Civil Rights agencies and organizations, and their allies.

The series will be divided into these eight (8) installments:

S1 – Black Lives Matter Movement/Black Civil Rights (Racism/Police Reform & Accountability)

S2 – Women’s Rights (Sexism/Rape)

S3 – Muslims/Refugees & Immigrants Ban (Islamophobia/Documented and Undocumented Immigrants)

S4 – LGBTQ Equality/Rights/Homophobia/Transphobia

S5 – Disability Rights & ADA/Accessibility/Inclusion in Entertainment

S6: The Future of Deaf Education, included Black Kids/IDEAS

S7: Affordable Care Act/Mental Health (Obamacare)

S8: North Dakota Water Protectors’ Rights (#NODAPL)

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