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Tanea and Jeffrey, NAD Youth Ambassadors, spill the beans on what they have been up to! #NADYAP #NADyouth

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TANEA: Hello! I am Tanea Brown. I am one of the Youth Ambassadors that was selected during the NAD Conference last summer. I’d like to take a moment to briefly share my platform about People of Color (POC) interpreters. In the United States, there are not enough POC interpreters. That needs to change and I want to increase the number of POC interpreters. To address this problem, I aim to partner with different organizations from various parts of the United States. Also, I plan to establish a website for this purpose. In regards to my community service involvement, I volunteered with my mother’s organization, Do Not Touch Me. That organization focuses on protecting children, including families and friends, from sexual assault. During the 5k Run awareness event, I helped the organization by setting up water stations, cleaning, and other tasks assigned by my mother. Also, I have been working on building relationships with a variety of POC interpreters and getting to know them. Recently, I moved to Utah and I am starting to get to know the community here. I will be participating in different community service opportunities which you will find out about soon!

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JEFFREY: I am going to share a bit about my platform. Historically, deaf lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) individuals have been facing ongoing issues, struggles, and problems within the deaf community. Is there enough support and resources for deaf LGBT individuals? No, there is almost no resources for deaf LGBT individuals. General statistics prove that deaf LGBT individuals need support and resources to protect themselves on all levels. My proposed solution aims towards implementing a national Queer Resource Center. Before I can implement the Center, I need to develop a business plan. The business plan will include a variety of information such as program details, what it will offer, identify the target audience, who will be on the team and assign individual responsibilities, and its funding details. After the business plan is finalized, the team will start working on collecting data and doing specific projects and assignments; including developing outreach strategies, collaborating with NAD Youth Programs, collecting resources on health and wellness, and creating a directory of deaf-friendly LGBT resources. Last summer, after being selected as one of two Youth Ambassadors, I attended Youth Leadership Camp (YLC) and provided a workshop for YLC campers – actually, YLC leaders. It was great! After visiting YLC, I went to the Sorenson Communications Headquarters in Utah where I was interviewed for a film project, what a great opportunity that was! I am involved with different activities at Gallaudet University — ColorFest, a LGBT conference which will happen during April 15 – 17. I am the Hospitality Coordinator, responsible for conference attendees to have a great experience, including giving tips and advice. Another activity I’m involved with is Rainbow Society, a LGBT club at Gallaudet University. I serve as the Rainbow Society Senator, ensuring that deaf LGBT students are aware of their rights and needs. I have been volunteering at the NAD Headquarters, one the tasks I help with involves going through and organizing YLC photos. I volunteer at different events under the Student Body Government (SBG) at Gallaudet University. In the coming weeks, I will be attending ColorFest and also giving a presentation there. I will be going to YLC this summer, again. I will be participating in a variety of events and collaborating with state associations. I look forward to serving your community! Thank you!

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SG Mission: to serve our viewers by providing reliable, valuable, and important Deaf community oriented information in every newcast.