DEAF CHARITY | Thank you letter from GLAD INC.

Welcome any new viewer and hello to all our friends who have been with us for a while! Ryan and I are a Deaf and hearing couple. We met in high school around 6 years ago. We’ve created this channel to show the world how great Deaf and Hearing relationships can be, and to teach you American Sign Language naturally! Subscribe to watch our vlogs! We post multiple times every week!

This past January Ryan and I challenged ourselves to do daily vlogs for a cause for a whole month. We asked our subscribers to donate tho GLAD INC. through our patreon. GLAD INC. is a non-profit organization that advocates and supports the Deaf community through providing workshops, interpreters, and advice on health care. We were able to raise over $350! Such a great accomplishment. Thank you to all the people listed bellow for your donation:

Molly Koski
Hilary Pojoy
Karen Uyeda
Pamela Contreras
Danielle Arellano
Molly Boomer
Emily Carbajal
Laurie Goodman
Emily Callis
Courtney Laschkewitsch
Greg Goodman
Yessenia Martinez
Andreas R
Jhonelle Bean
Amanda Grazier

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