The 3 Steps ASL Classifiers (HD only)

High definition video only for viewers who prefers a high quality viewing, even you can actually see the whole info-graphic template with HD on and here it is !

The 21st Century American Sign Language Pedagogy presents a beautiful visual poster of the new visual ASL pedagogical technique/method:

“3 Steps: Draw it, Mold it, and Animate it!” – a learning tool….

Designed to engage, introduce and teach the ASL or deaf students how to create or use the ASL classifiers in such short period of time than traditional CL lesson methods. The 3 step technique/method information are presented through the infographic style to help anyone able to visualize how ASL classifiers really works !

Recommended for ASL 1 based on 21st century education, research & innovations and real-life teaching experiences. Overwhelming numbers of students’ positive responses and outcomes of learning the classifier lessons is a big plus !

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