Tyra Banks Framing and Nyle DiMarco Framing

Jenny (white woman with long white hair wearing blue gallaudet sweater in her messy office)

Tyra Banks assured Nyle that he won because he kicked ass – not because he’s Deaf.

While I understand that phonocentric framing – it’s contrary to Nyle’s own personal framing : He benefit from being Deaf cuz he can read the Photographer’s cues and give what is asked without words… He’s able to abstain from the ANTM contestants’ drama.

I do understand Tyra’s POV.. Marlee Matlin won a Oscar for Children of a Lesser God) and her coworker who was her boyfriend’and a bully – told her she won cuz of pity votes

But still disagree with Tyra’s comments.
Also how do you divorce Nyle the Deaf person from Nyle the ANTM winner?
Btw I don’t have a tv nor did I follow- I just got the info from your Facebook postings! THumbs up

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