#takebackdeafed Series

Tawny Holmes, NAD Education Policy Counsel, encourages you to follow our #takebackdeafed series on Tuesdays! Advocacy tips in American Sign Language related to education, ranging from legislative lobbying to building relationships, and more will be released on the second Tuesday of each month. #takebackdeafed #advocacy #collaboration

TRANSCRIPT & VIDEO DESC: Tawny is in front of a brick wall facing the camera. The NAD logo appears as a watermark in the bottom right corner.

TAWNY: What’s happening on the NAD’s social media On Tuesdays you wonder? Yup, #takebackdeafed! On the second Tuesday of each month, we will share advocacy tips in ASL. Topics will vary from contacting your legislator, developing your message, to spreading the word on what to support, or if you want to discuss an issue with an agency or organization with the goal of building a relationship. Those ideas are important to education advocacy’s progress and to make sure our deaf and hard of hearing children are able to get access to education and language. If you have any ideas or questions related to the series or want to make a specific request, comment below! We’ll consider your comment and make sure you get all tools necessary to continue your advocacy!

Video cuts to a soft white background with several different font types showing “NAD” very quickly. Copyright video ends with the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) logo centered. Blue text below the logo appears, “A production of the National Association of the Deaf (copyright) 2017 All Rights Reserved”.

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