Action Alert – Funding for MSAD – May 1, 2017

We encourage you to please call or email legislators today!

The Minnesota State Academies for the Deaf and for the Blind need additional funding this year. The money is needed to increase staff, to improve student safety and to maintain the buildings and campus.

The Governor included an additional $2.7 million over two years for the State Academies.
The Senate included an additional $800,000 over two years.
The House did not give the State Academies any increase to their budget.
Please call or email the members of the Education Conference Committee today. If you live in the legislator’s district, be sure to mention that.

Sample letter
Hello. My name is _____. [If you live in the legislator’s district say that now.]

I am calling about the Education Bill, HF 890. Please fully fund the Minnesota State Academies like the Governor suggested. $2.7 million over two years will make a big difference for deaf and blind students.

[Please add 1-3 more sentences about why funding MSA will make a big difference.]

Thank you,

[Your name and address.]

Here is the list of legislators with their phone numbers:

Education Conference Committee Members

Rep. Jenifer Loon (48B – Eden Prairie); 651-296-7449,
Rep. Sondra Erickson (15A – Princeton); 651-296-6746,
Rep. Peggy Bennett (27A – Albert Lea); 651-296-8216,
Rep. Ron Kresha (9B – Little Falls); 651-296-4247,
Rep. Mary Murphy, M. (3B – Hermantown); 651-296-2676,

Sen. Carla Nelson (26 – Rochester); 651-296-4848,
Sen. Eric Pratt (55 – Prior Lake); 651-296-4123,
Sen. Justin Eichorn (5 – Grand Rapids); 651-296-7079, Contact form for Senator Eichorn
Sen. Bill Weber (22 – Luverne); 651-296-5650,
Sen. Chuck Wiger (43 – Maplewood) 651-296-6820, Contact form for Senator Wiger

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