Action Alert – State Accommodation Fund – May 1, 2017

We encourage you to please call or email legislators today!

The Senate State Government bill cuts funding for the Accommodation Fund for state employees and requires state agencies to find half of the money to pay for accommodations in their own budgets. The House bill and the Governor’s bill do not.

Please call or email the members of the State Government Conference Committee today. If you live in the legislator’s district, be sure to mention that.

Sample letter
Hello. My name is _____. [If you live in the legislator’s district say that now.]

I am calling about the State Government Bill, SF 605. The State Agency Accommodation Reimbursement Fund is very important for state employees and sends a message that the state government wants to hire people who need accommodations. Please do not cut the funding. Keep it at $200,000, like the House and the Governor. Also, please do not require that agencies find money in their own budgets to pay half of the costs themselves. This makes it harder for people with disabilities to get hired. Please support the House proposal for the funding and the policy for the State Agency Accommodation Reimbursement Fund.

Thank you.

[Your name and address]

Here is the list of legislators with their phone numbers:

State Government Conference Committee Members

Sen. Mary Kiffmeyer (30 – Big Lake); 651-296-5655,
Sen. Bruce Anderson, B. (29 – Buffalo); 651-296-5981,
Sen. Mark Koran (32 – North Branch); 651-296-5419, Contact form for Senator Koran
Sen. Dan Hall (56 – Burnsville); 651-296-5975, Contact form for Senator Hall
Sen. Carolyn Laine (41 – Columbia Heights); 651-296-4334,

Rep. Sarah Anderson (44A – Plymouth); 651-296-5511,
Rep. Tim O’Driscoll (13B – Sartell); 651-296-7808, rep.tim.o’
Rep. Bob Dettmer (39A – Forest Lake); 651-296-4124,
Rep. Kelly Fenton (53B – Woodbury); 651-296-1147,
Rep. Jim Nash (47A – Waconia); 651-296-4282,

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