Amie Sankoh: What’s Next for 2017 RIT/NTID Grads?

Video description:
A woman sits in front of a grey background. She is wearing a light peach-colored, long sleeve shirt.

Video Transcript:
Amie Sankoh:
After graduation I plan to attend the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. I plan to get my PhD in biochemistry. RIT has helped me so much that I can’t thank RIT enough for every opportunity that I have here. I started here with my AAS in lab science tech and then I transferred to biochemistry program. Now I’m graduating and soon ready to go for my PhD in biochemistry. How is that possible? Well, thanks to RIT, I have so many opportunities, including what, working with faculty and practicing my skills. Develop many skills. Also, RIT gave me the opportunity to have many internship experiences and that internship experience has helped me so much that I’m able to graduate with my bachelor’s degree and then jump to PhD in biochemistry. Really excited for this opportunity, thanks to RIT.

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