Collaborative Experience: Co-Keynote Speaker: Dr. Laurene Simms

Hi! My name is Laurene Simms and I have some exciting news to share with all of you. This coming November 2017, I will be traveling to Minnesota. On Friday, November 3rd, I will be giving a keynote titled, “A Journey of Transformative Teaching,” where I will present on teaching students with diverse backgrounds and what it takes to have successful learning. On Saturday, November 4th, I will be giving a workshop discussing visual communication and sign language, which is abbreviated as VCSL. I will provide a VCSL checklist to help participants assess children’s sign language fluency from ages 0-5. I look forward to seeing all of you in Minnesota, or how you all would sign it in Minnesota with this handshape! I will see you on November 3rd and 4th!

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