Deaf History That — “Transportation”

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How did deaf schools flourish? What were some ways to travel? How were news from different parts of the nation shared with other deaf people? #deafhistoryTHAT #ASLstories

VIDEO DESCRIPTION AND TRANSCRIPT: Linsay Darnall, Jr. walks in frame from an old locomotive train outside. A small transparent NAD logo appears on bottom right.

LINSAY: Oh hello! I just arrived here by train. Deaf people used this form of transportation to travel to different towns to visit other deaf people. There are also other forms of transportation that deaf people use such as riding on horseback as well as the horse and buggy. These different form of transportation helped schools for the deaf to flourish. Students lived in various parts of the state and used carriages, horseback riding, and the train to get to school. When deaf people wanted to communicate with one other, they would write letters through the post office and send telegrams. The deaf papers would receive information this way and print so deaf people nearby could read news from other places. So using these different forms of transportation has helped deaf people stay in touch with other deaf people across the nation. Good day.

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