Kyle Adams: What’s Next for 2017 RIT/NTID Grads?

Video description:
A man sits in front of a grey background. He is wearing a grey polo shirt.

Video Transcript:
Kyle Adams:
My plan after graduation will be to move to Seattle, Washington to work for Starbucks headquarters. My role will focus on financial analysis. For two years, every six months, I will be on rotation. Meaning: after each of four six month periods I will find the best fit for me in areas such as accounting and financial investing, and from then on I will focus on my future career path.
RIT/NTID really prepared me for after graduation by giving me balance between socializing in the deaf world and learning about networking, professional work relationship, and interviewing in the hearing world.
I was able to find a balance among all these areas during my time here at RIT/NTID.

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