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Image description: Eric Epstein, a white young man with shaved hair, wearing a green T-shirt. The background is blue. He is signing “Key.”

Transcript: [Eric, a white man, is standing in front of a blue background] The poem “Summer Dream” has a plot consisting of four inspirational comments. First, as you get up every morning trapped in another dream, you can always wake up and jump out of one dream into another, upward through life, which has no limits. Second, the key is not meant to open a treasure chest filled with gold. Rather, the key is meant to free your mind and realize the wealth within. Third, you are perfect regardless of your background, be it racially based, gender-based, or religion-based. A light brighter or dimmer would ruin your color. A stretch vertically or horizontally would ruin your shape. The last thought is related to the beginning dream, as you are stuck in wintertime, which is a snow globe. But if you look outward, someone is shaking the snow in adoration of you and will someday crack it open and everything will become summer.

Major disclaimer: This video is a work in progress.

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