It’s a new season of Brick City News! In this episode, NTID President Gerry Buckley welcomes us to the new school year and introduces our new hosts, Ren Putz and Rydrea Walker. Plus, we meet Tim Albert who is the new Director of the Student Life Team. You’ll learn about lots of great events coming up at NTID and we’ll see highlights of this year’s Apple Festival.

Video Description:
NTID President Gerry Buckley stands in front of a light background. He’s wearing a dark suit with a white shirt underneath.
He introduces Ren Putz and Rydrea Walker. The two stand together in front of the same light-colored background. Ren stands on the right, wearing a black tee-shirt. She has long, straight, brown hair. Rydrea is on the left. He has is wearing a dark sweater over a dark shirt with a red tie. He has short, dark hair and wears glasses.
Tim Albert appears next. He stands in the middle of the screen. He has short, dark hair and a closely-trimmed beard. He’s wearing a light blue shirt with a dark tie with blue and white dots.

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