In this episode, hosts Ren Putz and Rydrea Walker review the highlights of Arte Del Corazon and the Latinx Deaf Art Exhibit, through a video courtesy of Patti Durr. Plus, we meet Mary Karol Matchett, VP of Student Academic Services. She introduces three members of her department. Next, Ren reveals the events of the Asian Deaf Club. Rydrea tells us Ally Week is approaching, with the LGBTQ+ community holding events the week of October 9.

Video Description:.
Ren Putz and Rydrea Walker stand together in front of a light-colored background. Ren stands on the right, wearing a purple blouse. She has long, straight, brown hair. Rydrea is on the left. He is wearing a dark collored shirt. He has short, dark hair and wears glasses.
Video of Arte Del Corazon appears next. Then, Mary Karol Matchett appears. She is sitting against the same light background. She introduces Vicki Liggera. Vicki is standing in an office. Then, back to Mary Karol. Next is Amy Stornello. She is sitting in an office. then, we have Kiersten Blankly. She is standing in an office, against dark colored cabinets. then, the video returns to Ren and Rydrea.

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