IAD’s Member at Large Edison Lopez, Jr. attended the Chicago DeafBlind Alliance’s Technology Exhibition, sponsored by HumanWare. One of the exciting things featured was a brand new DeafBlind VideoPhone!

Video Description: A man in a black shirt with the logo of Illinois Association of the Deaf standing by Bryen Yunashko and other DeafBlind consumers.

I’m Edison Lopez. I serve on the IAD Board as a Member at Large. I am at the Chicago Lighthouse attending an exciting event called the Technology Exhibition.
Bryen Yunashko is showing other DeafBlind consumers how to use the new Braille Tablet that is accessible to DeafBlind community.
The device can connect to videophone so they can communicate with an ASL interpreter through the google-certified braille tablet. Not only that. It also works with deaf consumers.
An ASL interpreter or deaf consumer can type the text so it will show up on the Braille Tablet. DeafBlind consumer will read Braille on the tablet.
And then they will sign to them like people talk with phone regularly. It’s amazing accessibility for DeafBlind community!
HumanWare is sponsor for this event and they provided the lunch and event for all DeafBlind community. We deeply appreciate their heartwarming supports! Thank you HumanWare!

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