Did you know that your Eurail Pass is much more than a train ticket to Europe?

Each pass is packed full of special freebies and discounts that you can get just by flashing the humble document.

1. Private scenic train rides! For instance, Switzerland’s train is one of the most expensive tickets you can find in Europe. With Eurail pass, it reduces the cost, even a free ticket! The Glacier Express and Bernina Express are completely covered by the Eurail Pass.

2. Long distance ferry rides! There are dozens of long-distance ferry rides that can save you days of overland travel, including those between Spain, Italy Croatia, and Greece. Eurail has a partnership with several major ferry companies, and your pass will get you a discount on many routes.

3. Discounted accommodation! Your Eurail Pass is also a ticket to discounted accommodation in locations throughout the continent. There are several accommodation partners, including Meininger and A&O, who offer a 10% discount on hostel and hotel accommodation.

4. Attraction discounts! If you’re a fan of museums, sightseeing tours, and other attractions, you’ll know that these entrance fees can add up quickly. Fortunately, your pass entitles you to discounted entry to dozens of famous attractions and aboard several sightseeing trips.

5. Public transport! In some countries, your Eurail Pass even allows you free travel on local public subway and metro lines. There are a few terms and conditions that you must meet, to the city or country. But in any city, where you’re allowed to travel on certain local lines with your Eurail Pass, it will count as a travel day. You’ll have to write in the journey before boarding to avoid any complications. Thus, it means that you can save few euros on the last leg of your journey when arriving in several major cities.

More details: https://www.eurail.com/en/eurail-passes/eurail-pass-benefits/using-pass-benefits

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