It’s crazy how much you learn from one person after spending so much time together. It’s obvious on this channel that I have learned a lot from Ryan – from a new language to a new culture. It might not be so apparent how my culture has influenced Ryan, but the other day I noticed something that made me smile. We made instant ramen and I didn’t consider getting him a fork. I just grabbed two chopsticks from the kitchen drawer like always, but this time I had a moment. A moment where I looked at how natural and pro Ryan was using my culture’s utensil, and I remember when he could barely hold them. (He also never had Asian food before he met me) Don’t think you can change your boyfriend or girlfriend, but know that you can always learn from them. I’m lucky to have a someone who wanted to learn as much about my culture as I did his.

Welcome any new viewers and hello to all our friends who have been with us! Ryan and I are a Deaf and hearing couple. We met in high school around 7 years ago. We’ve created this channel to show the world how great Deaf and Hearing relationships can be, and to teach you American Sign Language naturally! Subscribe to watch our vlogs!

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