Seven years back Ryan bought his first car. It was a classic mid-1990’s 4Runner with a blue stripe across the white body. It was the perfect car for us teenagers.
For my 17th birthday Ryan wanted to do something special. So he told me to get ready for tomorrow, because tomorrow was going to be a big day. The next morning he picked me up in his beautiful old 4Runner and we were off. Off to where? I had no clue. I was formulating different possible scenarios with each turn he made.
“Oh! He turned left so we can’t be going to my favorite breakfast place. We’re on the freeway now?
We’re definitely not going on a hike in the back of my city.”
After a long ways we turn onto Disney Way! OHHHHHHH! We’re going to Disneyland! I hadn’t been to Disneyland since I was small and I was jumping with joy from all my happy childhood memories there. We spent the whole day sticking to a precise schedule of attractions to maximize our ride time. WE must of walked 20 miles that day!
At the end of the day the fireworks were the best part of it all, and with the last bang I realized how cold I was. Especial my feet! They were numb! Converse really don’t provide much insulation. Also, my birthday is close to the middle of winter so it got cold once the sun went down!
We were two of the few left to leave as we huddle close together for warmth. Half walking, half cuddling we tried to hurry to the car. I couldn’t feel my feet so once we got to the parking lot Ryan swooped me up, carried me, and ran the rest of the way. He plopped me right on the passenger side and started up the car turning the heat HIGH! Without a word he took off my shoes and socks and put them right over the vents. The heat was like life coming out of his car and into my feet. It was a perfect end to my perfect 17th birthday.

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