Welcome to the January 2015 Advocacy Minute! Today I’m here with Neil McDevitt from DHCC, The Deaf-Hearing Communication Center. He will to tell you a little bit about his event. Today, we went to Philadelphia City Hall to discuss with legislators, police association, and different legal rights organizations about deaf and hard of hearing in different law enforcement settings, including during arrest and in the court system and to emphasize why it is important to have interpreters and communication access. It was a wonderful event! We had many different community organizations, including the police, coming together at City Hall, which is essential to get their buy-in and their feedback. (Julie Anne) Yeah, local advocacy is really Important! Maybe you feel like you’re depending on national advocacy a lot, but we we depend on you too. It’s essential that we collaborate and work together on advocacy on the local, state, and federal levels. That’s your Advocacy Minute!

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