Amy Fowler will be presenting “Language & Identity” at the 24th Annual Missouri Interpreters Conference.

IMAGE: Amy sits in a large chair and describes her workshop in sign language.

TRANSCRIPT: Hello everyone, my name is Amy Fowler, and I am so very honored to be a presenter for the MCDHH Interpreters Conference. My workshop is titled “Language & Identity.” I will share findings and research done on interpreters and their language choices. I will share my perspective on my clients, both hearing and Deaf, and how that may influence my interpreting work. That will be a topic of analysis and discussion. We will take a sociolinguistic approach and consider gender, age, race, religion, and various other factors that may influence our interpreting work. So let’s come together for MCDHH and the 24th Annual Interpreters Conference!

TITLE TEXT: Language & Identity, Presented by Amy Fowler. Presented in ASL. Saturday, October 14, 9-11 am. The 24th Annual Missouri Interpreters Conference has gone mobile! Get the app on your device now, for free. Http:// 1. Visit the above URL on your device. 2. Tap the “download” button to get the Guidebook app. 3. Open Guidebook and look for the guide “24th Annual Missouri Interpreters Conference.”

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