I will compare clips of hearing actors playing Deaf with my proper ASL with the hopes of better explaining why we should cast Deaf actors for deaf roles.

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If you’re new here, WELCOME! Here’s a little more about me:

Nyle DiMarco is an actor, model and activist. He is a native New Yorker and was born into a large multigenerational Deaf family. He is an alumni of Gallaudet University, the only liberal arts University in the world for the Deaf, with a B.A. in mathematics.

Nyle is the first Deaf person to win America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22 and Dancing With The Stars Season 22. As an actor, Nyle’s castings have included: the lead in the independent film In the Can, an ASL Films production, as Garret on ABC Family’s Switched at Birth, and Difficult People Hulu Series. As a founder of Nyle DiMarco Foundation and an honorary spokesman for Language Equality and Acquisition for Deaf Kids (LEAD-­K), Nyle is passionate about language and literacy and advocacy within the Deaf Community.

Nyle DiMarco is Deaf and uses American Sign Language. American Sign Language requires the use of facial expressions and body movements, his Deafness amplifies his natural talent. His Deafness is an asset and not a limitation, he is amicable and able to communicate easily.

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