My videographer, Justin Perez, loves to share his countless American Sign Language (ASL) stories. Psst – He is a teacher as a Visual Vernacular at Texas School for the Deaf for a particular date.

This ASL storytelling technique is “Visual Vernacular,” it is his favorite ASL style. He learned from me due to myself involved at one of Deaf camps where Bernard Bragg provided an ASL workshop.

Bernard Bragg taught me how to perform in “Visual Vernacular.”

“Visual Vernacular is a theatrical art form of physical expression, story telling with strong sense of body movements, iconic signs, gestures, facial expressions.

VV has elements of poetry and mime but it is totally different as it is shown visually such as preforms. VV can be performed solo, or group.” – http://www.visualvernacular.co.uk/

So he taught me several stories, and I ended up sharing some with Justin Perez. From there, he fell in love with Visual Vernacular. His skills have grown so much!

Justin wants to share one of the countless stories. It is not his favorite; it is an impulsive story. Now, this is his first story he’d like to share with you all!

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