Warning: Fraud Calls Requesting Credit Card Information

Hello, we here at Sorenson Communications work hard to keep all of the information you share with us private and confidential. We want you to know that, recently, there have been reports that someone is pretending to be an SVRS® employee and is contacting Sorenson customers requesting customers’ credit card information. We want you to know these are fraudulent calls and are not from SVRS! Sorenson will never ask you for your financial information, including bank account and credit card numbers. You should not provide anyone posing as a Sorenson employee and asking for credit card information with any of your personal financial information.
We also want you to know that if a Sorenson representative contacts you, the only information they will ask for is your full name, date of birth and the last four digits of your social security number because of a new FCC verification requirement
At Sorenson Communications, we appreciate the opportunity to serve all of you, our customers! Thanks.

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