Ray: Hello! You probably already know who this is: Melody Stein and Russ Stein. Co-owners of Mozzeria, the restaurant in San Francisco. They are famous. I don’t need to tell you more. You already know all about them. I am excited to have you here. Can you tell us about this trolley and the history of it?

Melody: Sure. Three years ago, a lot of people asked for catering from Mozzeria. I thought about how to bring the food long distances. It was not possible at that time. We discussed about that and decided on a food truck. Then we saw an ad on this in Florida. We decided we had to get it because it fit San Francisco perfectly: A cable car. We flew there and drove back the 3,000 miles. We had a wonderful journey all over America.

Ray: Wow. 3,000 miles. You mean coast-to-coast!

Melody: Yes, with lots of stops and publicity. Then after we arrived, we focused on Bay Area events: catering, weddings. They were busy years until last year, we slowed down. Why? I’ll let Russ tell you about it.

Russ: Due to my health. Some of you may already know that I went through some tough times with my health for over 20 years. I have been sick a lot. I had to make multiple trips to the Emergency Room. Over and over and over. The doctors told me the biggest problem was the food truck was too hot for me — the wood burning. They forced me to stop working as a pizza maker. Completely stop. Since I stopped, I have not been sick. This means what? It is time to sell this trolley, which is my baby. So we were looking for a buyer. And you know, we always–Mozzeria is always–a strong believer and supporter of the Deaf Community, Deaf employment, Deaf contractors, Deaf, Deaf, Deaf… Ultimately, our goal is for the trolley to stay in the Deaf Community. Makes sense, right?

Ray: So who are you selling the trolley to? Who do you feel it will be?

Melody & Russ: DCARA!

Melody: We are keeping it in the Deaf Community.

Russ: For sure, I will miss the trolley but I am thrilled that it will stay close to me. I can come visit and touch it. I know it will be in good hands. And I hope you will all support DCARA’s opportunities, ideas and dreams, because they are wonderful people. They deserve nothing but the best and this trolley is the best!

Ray: Yes. DCARA is definitely thrilled and grateful to have this trolley. It is perfect as we can start our first food business. Starting with a food truck. We have to come up what kind of food we will serve. We have not decided yet. We have started by buying this. Now we have to go through all the permits, licenses, inspections, health training, the business name and logo and more. Melody and Russ will continue to advise us. We are lucky to have them as advisers. Thank you! We are truly excited. There are two reasons why we decided to establish a food business: 1. Provide more Deaf jobs and training. Especially with their food business still thriving in San Francisco, they need more Deaf workers there. We will work together. And 2. Generate more revenue for DCARA. That’s it! Thank you two so much! DCARA loves you! Bye!

Melody: Bye!

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