The sandwich, called brioche con gelato, is merely a brioche bun stuffed with a fat smear of ice cream. But in Sicily, you may as well call it breakfast during the sweltering summer months. (Don’t you love the Italians?)

Not just any brioche will do. The bread must be baked into a bun-sized roll so it can be split and filled with ice creams like a burger or hot dog. In the U.S. that usually requires a custom order to a bakery, and that bakery may have to use a special recipe just for ice cream-bound bread. As ice cream melts in the sandwich, it sogs up the brioche’s delicate texture, so you need a bun that’s sturdy enough for the job but tender enough to work well in a sweet dessert.

It was incredible taste. I am beyond impressed with the fact an ice cream bread can be eaten during morning time! Breakfast!

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