Video Description:
The video starts with a graphic that says “NTID 50th Anniversary Reunion / Rochester.” The graphic blurs into the background as a woman appears.
Sarah Gordon stands in front of a grey background. She has shorter brown hair. She’s wearing a brown, short-sleeve shirt. She has colorful bracelets on her left wrist and colorful disk-shaped earrings.
Video Transcript:
Hi, everyone. My name is Sarah Gordon, and I’m Convo’s Rochester Community Curator.
I’m also a proud RIT/NTID alum and former president of the NTID Student Congress!
I just found out that NTID’s 50th Anniversary Roadshow is coming to Rochester during the Brick City Homecoming weekend, and it sounds pretty cool.
You know High Falls, right in the middle of downtown? Well, this Roadshow event will give you one of the best views in town. We’ll be at La Luna which is a beautiful place with some great food, so you definitely don’t want to miss it!
When is it? Thursday, October 12, from 7-9 p.m. We know you might want to go to the President’s Ball on Friday, or the hockey game on Saturday, so this event will be a great way to kick off your Homecoming weekend!
Even if you’re not alumni, you’re welcome to join the fun! Just sign up at:
Admission is $35, and it’s worth every penny! Food will be provided, and there’s a cash bar. Gerry Buckley, the president of NTID, will be there, mingling and giving a talk, and Sunshine 2.0 will put on a terrific show!
I’m really looking forward to it myself, and you should, too. Come join us!

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