The Genoa Pesto Recipe:

It is only good for 2 Person.

Be sure to blend all together.

– 80 Gr Parmigiano Reggiano
– 50 Gr Basil (Better Basil of Prà)
– 1 (small spoon) Pine Nuts
– ½ clutch Garlic (a small piece)

Once it is finished, then add one tbsp of extra virgin olive oil to soften its sauce.

After the pesto sauce, then please boil the water with some salt for increasing its flavor. Add 180 Gr Pasta Trofie.


⁃Green beans

Why? In the past, people were cooking everything for one meal, not offering other food sides. That’s why potato and green beans are options. If you want to experience the true Genoa Pesto, then add both!

Now, you all learned how to cook a Genoa Pesto! Good luck!

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