Looking back as a 14 years old kid in 1988 remembering the World Series where Los Angeles Dodgers won and would like to share a story about this.


Hello! Right now, I am watching baseball game, Dodgers playing Houston Astros for World Series (2017), Game One. At this hour, Dodgers are leading Astros 3-1. I must tell you a story about 1988.

The year Dodgers won the last World Series. Dang, dang, here it comes. 1988–I was 14 years old that time. My great uncle–(my grandmother’s brother) his name was Charles Jr.. He would come and visit my family every year in Pacific Northwest. He would pass out LA Dodgers caps for family members. My father would say, “NO, not allowed to wear that hat at all!”–“it does not belong here” Why? Seattle Mariners.

Even my great uncle had season tickets to the Dodgers games, front line—front seats! He would ask my brother and I if we were interested going down there and spend time with him. My father say, “NO WAY! Dodgers NO!” My brother and I were really eager to see Dodgers.

We missed stories, people, energy, all that. Isn’t baseball awesome or not? I played baseball several years. HIT! Oh, it was caught by Dodgers player. Whew. Anyway, season tickets…My dad said NO! The worst part was that….

1988. My great uncle HAD tickets to World Series! He even invited my brother and I to come over—and again, My dad said no…..that was World Series–1988!! I missed golden opportunities! As for LA Dodgers caps where my great uncle gave out, I wonder what happened to it?

My dad threw it out and burned it in the fire. Sigh! Why? He did not like Dodgers! ARGH! 1989. A year later after the World Series, my great uncle died. It was profound memory for me. I hope Dodgers win the World Series then I will wear the cap! All these years! I will be thinking of my great uncle Charles Jr. Thanks!

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