Sorenson and I are thrilled to announce a partnership between Seek the World and SVRS.
Our main reason for our partnership is the passion we both have for the Deaf community. We want to bring to you more stories, expand Deaf awareness as well as share the diversity, community unity, life experiences and inspirational stories of the Deaf community, our community, with the world.
Sorenson has been in awe of what Seek the World has achieved over the last two-plus years. As part of this partnership, it is our goal to keep the videos STW has been sharing to remain the same, and we aim to expand STW’s opportunities to capture more stories and experiences.
Also, as part of this partnership, Sorenson will be supply Seek the World with some new equipment and we work together to will share the connections we make throughout the United States.
The entire point of this partnership between us is another positive way to invest in the Deaf community as well as further our community education and experience. It is our hope that the end result will make for positive energy in our Deaf community.
We are doing this because we are part of the Deaf community; we feel it is only natural to share in this journey and partnership.
So, come join our journey in the United States!


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