Calvin Young, the host of Seek the World, has his grandpa who wants to share his story with everybody.

It was his first time getting out of the United States at 72 years old. He has finally opened himself to the world for last three years. He has traveled and visited over 15 countries. Croatia and Italy are his favorite countries. He enjoyed learning culture, food, language, many more. It has opened his eyes to how beautiful our world is.

He is now 74 years old with no regret. He firmly believes that age does not matter. It is all about your mind and heart. If you think you’re still a kid at heart, then you are still young! It’s never too late to travel. It’s never too old to travel! You can do it. He’s the proof.

He nicely asked if you guys want to travel with him, then you have to support Longhorns!

Journey by Sorenson

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