Hello I’m Robin Horwitz, a volunteer with the DCARA food truck committee.

Today we’re going through an interesting change with the deaf community. You’ve noticed many deaf people are starting to start up business. While that is great, we still need more start up owners.

For instance, Russ (and Melody) Stein founded Mozzeria – the amount of knowledge he had and chose to share stories / experience is truly amazing and valuable for the deaf community. We just need more people like Russ. Over time, we’d be able to bring back the power to the deaf community especially the economical power.

Now with the DCARA food truck program being started up, there are 2 reasons for that.

1.Create jobs for the deaf community. This is aligned with DCARA’s employment program
2.To create start up experience for the people who are involved with the food truck program.

With the profit we create from the food truck program, all of that will go to supporting DCARA’s existing programs.

Now what do we need from you?


You may be asking yourself – why do i need to donate to a start up? If they’re going to create profit, they should not be needing donations.

Actually a start up always need some cash up front to get things going. If DCARA chooses to use the profit to pay off start up costs. The Employment and Advocacy programs would not get support it needs. So by raising funds to support the start up phase, we’d be able to create profit immediately and support DCARA’s mission for the deaf community in all programs.

So we are asking you to donate and support the food truck program. Our donation page is on our DCARA website page. Also I’d love to see you at our VIP Launch Party.

Thank you!

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