The German Deaf Youth creates a space for experience and experience for deaf and hard-of-hearing young people – self-determined and self-organized. In summer camps, young people have the opportunity to rediscover and socialize. They learn that despite their barriers and challenging conditions in a world of spoken language, they can use their abilities in many ways. This empowerment is essential and right. The Deaf Youth breaks open the everyday communication situation and thus focuses on all topics that move young deaf and hard of hearing people – with the help of sign language and in the camp regardless of their limitations.

At the same time, Deaf Youth is advocating that sign language becomes a recognized part of communication in society. They demand participation in the sense of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and thus equal involvement in the community. They require better access to education and cultural opportunities. In this commitment, we want to encourage deaf youth.

The philosophy of the Youth Camp includes five areas: language, education, culture, nature, and experience.

1. Language
Language means enabling communication for us while using and promoting German Sign Language.

2. Education
In the area of ​education, knowledge, knowledge, and skills related to communication should be taught; For example, you learn to design lectures, play with the knowledge box, take part in discussions and much more.

3. Culture
Here we want to show where we come from, what roots and what kind and form of identity we have that we attach great importance.

4. Through cultural forms such. For example, theater, art and sign language (in various areas) will show the everyday life of the deaf and their personality.

5. Nature
We value the fact that technology is used as little as possible. In our activities such as hiking, swimming and much more, we enjoy together the beauty of nature.

6. Experience
In the youth camp, of course, excellent skills should not be neglected! In the camp, you have fun and fun and adventure. One exchanges with others find friends and always returns home with many happy memories of their time together

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