Mitch Bergsma, who’s well known for giving GoPro tips through social media channels, especially huge followers on YouTube. He has been recognized and sponsored by GoPro.

Mitch wants to share the story that he learned a life lesson in his journey. “Do not give up” is the line he has always reminded himself daily. In fact, he hates giving up.

In his young time, he wanted to be a professional wakeboarder. He knew it would be difficult to compete and get in the industry. He practiced like crazy. He did all the work hard. Later, he landed himself in the professional wakeboarder. He has won many awards and tournaments. He achieved his dream because he didn’t give up. Work hard is all he had in his young time.

In 2011, he thought it would be awesome to make GoPro tips videos for everybody to learn. In a whole year, he felt like a total failure due to low followers on his YouTube. He realized it is not all about followers. It is about sharing his love with the GoPro community. He didn’t give up. He kept making videos until the day GoPro recognized and shared one of his videos on their Facebook page. That was the day his followers blew up! Now, he’s sponsored by GoPro. He has around 450,000 followers now.
Again, he didn’t give up.

He has always wanted to own a classic VW bus. He didn’t have money enough to buy it, but he still made time to take a look at all VW buses on the Internet. Until he realized why doesn’t he just buy it?!! He decided to go selling hustle as much as he can to earn money. He finally got the money to get it. He purchased a project VW Bus. It’s a project, but he has been building it. The point is, he didn’t give up on getting what he wants. He got what he wanted.

If you have a dream, then just go for it. What is stopping you? Nothing, it’s just you who pause things continually. It’s time to take yourself out of the box and start living the life you want.

Journey by Sorenson (SVRS)

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