(Music begins – soft, cheery piano music plays throughout the whole video. There are subtitles in the video for people’s sign language and their name. Everyone has smiles and warm expressions on their faces.)

(Light-skinned woman with gray medium-length hair, wearing a green suit jacket, standing in front of stained glass backdrop)

Heather: Hello! I’m Heather Harker, Chief of Staff to President Cordano of Gallaudet University. I want to share warm wishes from all of us at the President’s Office for the upcoming holidays.

(Woman of African-American heritage with hair pulled back, wearing a navy blue sweater and a string of pearls around the neck, standing in front of stained glass backdrop)

Usherla: At the President’s Office, we have seen your hard work and community investments.

(Light-skinned woman with long blond hair, in a black top, standing against a background of College Hall stairs)

Mary: We feel lucky to work for such an incredible and unique campus community.

(Light-skinned woman with long dark curly hair, in a blue shirt and black suit, standing outside in front of Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet/Alice Cogswell Statue)

Patricia: We are grateful to the students, the faculty and everyone who is a part of academic excellence here at Gallaudet.

(Light-skinned woman with short gray hair, wearing a black suit and polka-dot shirt, standing behind a desk and in front of a window in an office)

Sue: We are grateful to the staff and fellows and administrators who are dedicated to Gallaudet’ success.

(African man wearing a gray sweater, standing against a white wall)

Segun: We thank you to our energetic alumni who make us proud.

(Woman of African-American heritage with short hair, wearing a black shirt and a red jacket, standing against an office background)

Rita: Thank you to our Board of Trustees and to our supporters who care so much about us.

(Light-skinned woman with dark curly hair pulled back, wearing a purple sweater, sitting at a desk)

Emma: Now, we begin the season of gratitude and care.

(Light-skinned woman with medium-length dark hair, wearing a dark jacket and yellow stone necklace, standing against a background of books)

Leah: We honor many different cultures, holidays, food, and we acknowledge our American history with the Indigenous’ experiences. We are the richer for having listened to people’s stories and experiences.

(Light-skinned woman with short blond hair and wearing a black suit, buff and blue scarf, standing against a background of outdoor trees and Thomas Hopkins/Alice Cogswell statue)

President Cordano: We want to thank those who participated in the recent community input sessions. We hear you and appreciate your input, your wisdom and the gift of your time and participation. I am currently taking all into consideration and will inform you on November 30th of decisions regarding the process that will henceforth be followed.

President Cordano: Thank you again and have a wonderful fall break. We are grateful for you. Take the time to rest, be with your family and friends, neighbors and community. Come back in December, refreshed and ready to go!

(Graphic of Gallaudet University’s Logo against a white background. The soft, cheery piano music ends.)

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