STUDENT #1: Jr. NAD is a place where we can discover our gifts and show people we can.

ADVISOR #1: I’m a Jr. NAD Advisor because there used to be a chapter at my school but it closed down. My students need leadership opportunities so I stepped in to revive it.

STUDENT #2: I’m here because I want to learn creative techniques and use new tools I learned.

ADVISOR #2: This is where we all represent different backgrounds gather together and work. This experience is important.

STUDENT #3: I’m here because of the different activities and workshops help bring in new perspectives for me.

STUDENT #4: I feel inspired being here! We are brave by being here. It’s important to keep our options open.

ADVISOR #3: Students should be involved with Jr. NAD because they can network and meet other students from other schools. By learning from each other, they will create opportunities for each other. Who knows, maybe they’ll cross paths with each other again after they graduate high school, such as employment opportunities. It’s important for Jr. NAD advisors to be here because students feel inspired and that motivates advisors to keep doing the work they do, making a difference for the Jr. NAD members.

STUDENT #5: My favorite part is meeting new and old faces.

ADVISOR #4: I’m an advisor because it’s important to watch the students’ growth. With Jr. NAD, they can utilize their tools for the future.

STUDENT #6: Jr. NAD can help me succeed and I want to show other students what leadership is.

STUDENT #7: I look forward to learning more and bringing all that back to my school.

ADVISOR #5: I always looked up to my Jr. NAD Advisor, Laurene Simms, when I was a student. Now it’s my turn to pass that on for my students, teach, encourage, and support deaf youth.

STUDENT #8: My goal is for other students who are not involved with Jr. NAD yet to get involved.

Jr. NAD Ambassador: We’re your future!

Jr. NAD members cheer in background.

Video fades to black with Jr. NAD logo appearing, logo increases in size slowly.

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