If you’re ever in Southwest Texas, you might consider driving a little further down, just south of San Antonio. Near the San Juan Mission, you’ll find the intersection of Villamain and Shane, it is there, (right on Shane Road) where the haunted railroad tracks lay. This intersection, stained with tales of blood, has become a notorious urban legend for San Antonio locals.

One telling of the legend takes place during the 1930s or 1940s (depending on the account), and according to this variation, a bus carrying students home from school was heading toward the intersection (Villamain and Shane). When it came to the railroad tracks, the bus stalled out. The bus driver then noticed a train barreling down on them, and the driver rushed to get the children off the bus. But there wasn’t enough time, and the train crashed into the bus killing 10 of the students and the bus driver as well.

The ghosts of these children never crossed over, and remain on the railroad tracks to this day. This legend has captivated people from across the country, inspiring them to make the journey to the deadly intersection to experience the paranormal activity personally!

Justin and I’ve decided to go check out to confirm the experience is true or not.


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