I had an incredibly fun time with my family and a great friend who took us around on the island. It was filled with a clear blue water. It was one of the lessons I learned that traveling with your family isn’t boring at all. Some relatives can be crazy and fun! I enjoyed my time with them.


Favignana, or La Farfalla as it is often referred to thanks to its butterfly shape, is the largest and most important of the Egadi Islands. Lying some 15km off the coast of Trapani, it is a popular holiday destination in the summer months, mostly thanks to the crystalline azure waters of bays such as Cala Rossa.

The central town, also known as Favignana, has a small port and is dominated by the Fort of Santa Caterina, initially built by the Arabs as a watchtower, subsequently enlarged by the Normans and later used as a prison by the Bourbon Kings. With its two piazzas, its pedestrianized streets and its lovely sandy beach, Favignana Town has a natural, unpretentious charm and a relaxing atmosphere.

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