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Howard explains the difference between the Board and the staff at the NAD. #AskHoward

VIDEO DESC & TRANSCRIPT: Howard A. Rosenblum is standing outside in front of tall green bushes with red flowers. The NAD logo appears on bottom right corner as a watermark.

HOWARD: Aloha from Hawai’i! The NAD Board hosted its board meeting here in Hawai’i on January 10-13, 2018. The meeting was very productive as we prepare for the 2018 NAD Conference that will take place this summer. During our trip, we visited the Hawai’i School for the Deaf and Blind, and met some of the community leaders here. We learned of the challenges facing the community. We also experienced Hawaii’s emergency alert system while we were here, and this will be shared with you. For this AHA, I have received a lot of questions on the difference between my position as the CEO of the NAD and Melissa Draganac-Hawk’s position as the President of the NAD, as well as the difference between the Board and the staff. As the CEO, I do not have a term limit. I work until I find another opportunity or until the Board decides it is time to find a new CEO. Board members are voted into their position with term limits. Board Officers have a two year term limit and they can run for the same position three times. They can run for a different position to stay on the NAD Board if they wish. Region Representatives serve a four year term. The important difference is that Board members volunteer their time. Board members do not work at the NAD office but tend to have a full time jobs outside of the NAD, and complete their NAD duties in the evenings or weekends. They give up their time to meet and cover their own expenses. The role of the Board is to oversee that the NAD stays on track in achieving its mission and vision. The Board decides who serves as the CEO. The CEO has a full time position and is responsible for overseeing all staff members. Right now we have 14 staff members. We have different departments. I often discuss lawsuits, which are handled by a legal department with seven staff lawyers. We also have seven other staff members with different responsibilities. We have a Communications department that has a webmaster, the Director of Communications who is helping me make this video, front desk staff, an Office Manager, and our social media specialist. We also have a youth department led by the Director of Youth Programs that runs the Youth Leadership Camp, Youth Ambassador Program, College Bowl, and Jr. NAD. Another department focuses on finances to ensure all funds are accounted for, and another handles donations and membership. These are the staff who work for the NAD on a daily basis to keep the NAD running smoothly. All of us work together to ensure that members receive appropriate information and updates. With any issues that affect the deaf and hard of hearing community, the staff members are there to advocate for our rights and every day we work hard to make sure that deaf and hard of hearing people have the same rights as hearing people. So that’s the difference: Board members oversee the NAD as an organization while the staff handles the daily tasks such as emails and calls from the community. Both the Board and staff work together toserve and advocate for deaf and hard of hearing people. The NAD has operated for 137 years but started with only the Board which volunteered its time to advocate for deaf and hard of hearing people’s rights. Beginning in 1966, the NAD started having staff members to advocate full-time. I hope this summary helps give you a better idea of how the staff and NAD Board members serve you with their different duties. Thank you.

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