Two different visual interface themes: Choose between two background colors for your app. Whatever fits your mood, the light and dark options are there.

Increased Reliability: Put your communication needs to ease with Purple’s reliable platform and interpreters

iOS Integrated Calling and Apple Watch Notification: Receive full-screen notifications on your Apple device and alerts on your Apple Watch at the moment a call is incoming.

Label multiple phone numbers under a contact: Add many phone numbers to a contact and label them (Home, Work, etc.)

Announce Relay and Special Instructions: Let your interpreter know the important details prior to a VRS call

Front and Back Camera Switching: Show your caller what is in front of you and what is behind your device by switching the camera

Faster Launching: Make the phone call you need faster than normal. No need to wait for the app to load.

Don’t have P3 Mobile for iOS yet? Get it here: http://bit.ly/p3mobilep

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